AI&Society Salon

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With the rapid development of AI technology and the rise of people's attention in AI, the new technological changes represented by artificial intelligence have more and more deeply affected our lives. Therefore, in order to better meet the advent of the AI era, to establish a correct understanding of AI among the public, to explore scientifically how the new technology represented by AI will affect our human society, the economy, politics, public policy, everyday life, and all walks of life became a very important issue. In order to solve this problem, tencent research institute will hold a SERIES OF SALONS WITH AI & Society as well as an award program for scholars.


Explore the intersection of AI, society, and humanities, and nurture original ideas, ideas, and even theories with distinctive features to generate a certain degree of social impact.


Concept of Activity

  • SET UP AN AI & Society Organizing Committee to discuss and the issues.
  • Each issue should have a theme or a question to focus on, or to solicit suitable speakers from all walks of life;
  • The organizing committee selects a candidate from among the candidates;
  • The Salon is planned to be held once a month;
  • Salon theme principles are also agreed upon jointly by the Organizing Committee。

Speaker Selection Principle

  • A young scholar or practitioner with original ideas and deep thinking;
  • Well-known young scholars at home and abroad, as well as young teachers, postdoctoral and doctoral candidates in universities and scientific research institutes are preferred;
  • Young Ai Related Tech Entrepreneur preferred。

Salon Format

  • Lecture (Half Day) + round table + high-end afternoon tea


  • Computational Social Sciences: Overview, development and applications, big data and machine learning applications in science
  • Artificial Intelligence and Urban Science: Application of Satellite Remote Sensing Data in urban science; application of Big Data and artificial intelligence in urban science; Development Prospect of Smart City